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Our bead shop offers the enthusiast an outstanding selection of beads to choose from. We have been trading beads as the Bead Company since 1981 and we have grown from a small home-based operation to one that now operates in Osborne Park, Perth and we also ship orders via our secure website.

Our bead shop runs beading classes for adults as well as children from both locations. These are very popular school holiday pastimes. We have extensive ranges of glass, wood and plastic beads as well as other accessories such as Swarovski crystals and jewellery supplies.

Whether you are a hobbyist on the lookout for an afternoon of pottering around in a bead shop, or a art/craft teacher needing inspiration for school projects, we can help you. For example, we have bead kits for special projects which can be used for art projects at school.

Beads are a great source of relaxation and fascination for so many people. Children especially enjoy the challenge of making patterned bead work. Our bead shop staff will be happy to provide inspiration and examples of simple or intricate beading patterns suitable for different ages and interests.

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